JAcobus concrete

JAcobus® Concrete
The JAcobus Concrete stove has a very modern look and boasts excellent heat conduction and heat storage capability, and – we are proud to say – has been developed entirely in-house. While the JAcobus Concrete has the same combustion chamber as the other JAcobus stoves, it is encased in a housing of light-grey cast ‘concrete’ which has been specially processed to make the surface smooth and, importantly, maintenance-free. This unique housing doesn’t just provide a stunning, rugged look but also ensures that the heat output is more constant and lasts longer.

JAnco JAcobus Beton
Modern, rugged look
The JAcobus Concrete is encased in a housing of light-grey cast concrete that is sandblasted, polished and subsequently waxed, creating the appearance of stone and giving it a very smooth and maintenance-free surface. This smooth surface prevents moisture and chemicals from penetrating. JAcobus Concrete has good chemical resistance and is dust-free and clean. Because the material is cast, it is dimensionally stable and colourfast.

Optional: Anthracite
The concrete panels can optionally be given a satin gloss finish in the colour anthracite. The accumulating concrete material with a satin gloss finish gives the stove a totally different look! The JAcobus Concrete is an attractive and functional heat source that has a legitimate place both in modern as well as classically designed spaces.

Excellent heat conduction and storage
Compared to other materials, JAcobus Concrete is superior in terms of thermal conductivity. This is due to the compact structure and specific mineral composition. The high thermal conductivity allows for rapid and uniform heating of the entire stove. The heat storage capacity indicates how much heat the material can store per weight or volume unit per unit of temperature. JAcobus Concrete is produced using SCC technology. SCC stands for ‘Self-Consolidating Concrete’ (self-compacting concrete). This means that JAcobus Concrete has a very fine structure and low porosity and a high specific weight. This high specific weight has a positive effect on the heat storage capacity. The JAcobus Concrete will retain this capacity, even after years of use.

Combustion system
The heart of the JAcobus Concrete has the same combustion chamber as the JAcobus wood-burning stove (same high-quality combustion system as the JAcobus ‘standard’ model). The JAcobus combustion system developed by Janco de Jong in 2008 has been patented. The special combustion system provides a number of unique features:

  • Highest efficiency (>80%)
  • Very clean burning, Low emissions of particulate matter (<40mg/Nm3)
  • CO emission (<800mg/Nm3)
  • Very user-friendly thanks to one-button operation

221020TH JHT6438

This means that the JAcobus Concrete complies with the strictest requirements in Europe, including the ECOdesign standard.

The JAcobus Concrete is, like the JAcobus base model, available in capacities of 6, 9 and 12 kW and has a top or rear outlet connection.

221020TH JHT6513 221020TH JHT6547
JAcobus 6 beton anthracite JAcobus 6 beton grey

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