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Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of owning a wood-burning stove, knows what bliss feels like. Once you’ve experienced it yourself, you won’t want to go back to anything less! A wood-burning stove provides welcome warmth, adds a cosy atmosphere and also even helps to save on home heating costs. And the notion of a wood-burning stove being more polluting than other heat sources is a thing of the past thanks to modern technology. We will explain in the following pages.

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Looking for a durable wood stove with a number of important and sustainable features? Then an ultra-clean JAcobus stove from Janco de Jong BV is a great choice for you!

The JAcobus wood stove features:
  • Excellent combustion
  • High efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Easy to operate

Any type of wood can be burned in a JAcobus wood stove.
Four different models are available with varying capacities. Aside from the original JAcobus, we have the rugged JAcobus Concrete, the versatile JAcobus Cook and the homely JAcobus See-through stove.

JAcobus models
The JAcobus base model heats a space primarily through convection.
With the JAcobus Concrete, the accumulating effect of the concrete block surrounding the oven produces heat by radiation.
The JAcobus Cook stove features three cooking plates so that you can also use the heat to prepare wonderful meals.
The JAcobus See-through model provides the option of enjoying the flames from both sides.

The four JAcobus models are available in the capacities 6, 9 & 12 kW and can be installed with both top and rear outlets. The JAcobus See-through model only has a top outlet. The door of all the Jacobus stoves standardly opens from the right side (with the hinges on the left); this can be changed to the other way around upon request.

Ever since its introduction in 2009(!), the JAcobus stove has always consistently met the requirements of the ECOdesign standard.

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