A view from two sides! This version of the sustainable JAcobus wood stove has been specially designed at the request of our customers. The JAcobus TUNNEL model has the same dependable characteristics of the other Jacobus models, except for that the TUNNEL model features glass windows on both sides. This means that the stove can be placed in the middle of a space, allowing you to enjoy the flames in the windows from either side.

JAcno JAcobus TUNNEL

The JAcobus TUNNEL stove is also available in three different output capacities – from the compact JAcobus 6 to the large JAcobus 12. You may already be aware of the advantages of the JAcobus: a timeless design, a unique, durable burning system that ensures extremely high efficiency and optimal combustion, the ease of use thanks to the one-button operation and the lifetime warranty on steel components, welding and latches & hinges.

The JAcobus TUNNEL is always designed with a top connection for the discharge of flue gases. Compared to the ‘standard’ JAcobus wood stoves, the JAcobus TUNNEL models are taller. The JAcobus TUNNEL models 9 and 12 are 10 cm taller, making their total height 88 cm. The JAcobus 6 TUNNEL is 78 cm tall.

Combustion systemDoorkijk Jacobus solo 300x300

The heart of the JAcobus TUNNEL has the same combustion chamber as the JAcobus wood-burning stove (same high-quality combustion system developed by Janco de Jong in 2008 and patented in 2008). The special combustion system provides a number of unique features:

  • Excellent efficiency (>80%)
  • Very clean burning
  • CO emission (<800mg/Nm3)
  • Low particulates emission (<40mg/Nm3)
  • Very user-friendly thanks to one-button operation

This means that the Jacobus TUNNEL [A1] complies with the strictest requirements in Europe, including the ECOdesign standard.

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