Questions & Answers

Want to know...
  • what you can expect from your JAcobus wood stove?
  • how the combustion system works?
  • what the best thing to burn is?
  • what requirements your chimney must meet?
  • how the stove is turned on?
  • what things you should consider when using the stove for the first time?
  • if you can leave the stove running at night?
  • what kind of maintenance is required?

You can find the answers to all of these questions and more in the JAcobus manual. You can download it here

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Did you know?...
  • The name JAcobus comes from combining the names Janco and Coby? Janco and Coby de Jong are the founders of the Janco de Jong company. Both of them are still with the company and continue to give 110%!
  • The predecessor of the JAcobus, the Janus woodstove, still exists 30 years later and continues to perform brilliantly? And that the JAcobus is actually a more improved version of the original, sturdy base model?
  • The dimensions of the JAcobus and the JAnus stove are the same? So, if you want to switch, you can easily replace the JAnus with a JAcobus.
  • More and more newly constructed homes have a balanced ventilation system? The JAcobus is ideally suited for these homes due to the external air supply options, e.g. air from the crawl space or from outside.