A marvel of technology
The JAcobus wood stove is an authentic Dutch product that owes its creation to years of experience and craftsmanship. Janco de Jong made use of new developments and materials to the best possible extent for the development of the JAcobus wood stove. This resulted in the creation of a wood stove that anticipates stricter legislation on emissions associated with wood stoves.

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Sustainable and clean
The JAcobus wood stove’s combustion system is unique. Thanks to this particular system, combustion is much more effective and CO emissions are also much lower. With its high efficiency (nominal efficiency >80 %), low emission of carbon monoxide (CO <700 mg/Nm3) and low emission of particulate matter (<40 mg/Nm3), the JAcobus wood stove meets the strict DIN EN 13240 1. BImSchV, Stufe 2 standard applicable in Germany since 01/01/2015.

The wood stove is manufactured from weathering steel (COR-TEN steel), with inner walls of ceramically-bonded pressed fibres. This results in a superbly insulated combustion chamber. The transfer of heat is achieved, for the most part, through convection*.Considerable ease of use
For the user there is the added benefit that as a result of the improved combustion, the glass pane stays perfectly clean. There is also the option of using an outside air supply, which makes the stove ideal for well-insulated, (newly constructed) homes and homes with a heat recovery or balanced ventilation system.

Moreover, there is the added convenience that the air supply can be operated with only one button. This means that suboptimal settings are no longer possible, and you don’t have to be an expert to get the best out of your wood stove. The linear movement of the operation button with cam ring indicates the optimal setting of the stove. When the air slide is in this position, the air supply is adjusted to produce optimal combustion (highest yield with the lowest emission of polluted particles). The optimum position can if necessary be adjusted by the technician installing the stove based on on-site variables, e.g. the type of wood or the draught in the chimney.

How does it work?
The one-button operation regulates the primary, secondary and tertiary air supply. This means that the ratio between the five air supply openings is always optimal at every setting, and suboptimal settings are avoided. Through the controlled supply of combustion air, only a very low percentage of unburned oxygen leaves the stove through the flue. The great advantage of this, is that the waste gases are barely cooled at all by mixing with the relatively cold unburned oxygen. Therefore, the temperature of the flue gas remains high and therefore there is much less chance of condensation in the flue.

Click here for a demonstration video
Click here for a technical animation of the JAcobus wood stove

* Convection explained further:
The air that is heated surrounding the combustion chamber expands, causing it to become ‘lighter’ than the air in the rest of the chamber. Or, in other words, warm air has a lower density than cold air. The result is that the ‘light’ warm air rises above the ‘heavy’ cold air. At the ceiling, the warm air cools down again, to eventually drop down to the bottom again at the other side. In the meantime, cold air flows into the stove. This air will again be heated and will rise. In this way, a natural form of air circulation takes place in the chamber.

  • High efficiency (>80%) yet with a low emission of harmful substances .
  • Very clean glass pane due to the patented combustion system.
  • Stove with large capacity and well-regulated heat delivery, therefore suitable for small and large spaces.
  • Single-button operation, which means the combustion air ratio, which is supplied through five positions, is always correct
  • Stainless steel door seals, no wearing and 100% airtight.
  • Standard option to source combustion air from outside.
  • Low maintenance, no catalyst, no closing parts, minimal formation of soot.
  • Good value for money due to in-house development and manufacturing, in-house stock and service department, and over 40 years of experience.
  • Four different models: the original JAcobus, the JAcobus Concrete, the JAcobus Cook and the JAcobus See-through.
  • Meets the highest standards: thanks to the special patented combustion system that is unique to the Jacobus stoves, combustion is highly effective and the emission of CO (carbon monoxide) and particulates is very low. The stove meets the strictest European standards, including the ECOdesign standard.
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