JAcobus 6

JAcobus® 6
The smallest of the JAcobus wood stoves has an output capacity of 3.5 - 7 kW, capable of heating spaces up to approximately 120 m3. Besides comfort and a cosy atmosphere, this little firecracker provides enough heat for use in most living and accommodation spaces. 

221020TH JHT6597

Dimensions stove (HxBxD mm) 780x520x380mm
Dimensions flue exhaust 130mm, Upper and rear connection available
Height rear outlet (heart pipe to floor) 625mm
Top outlet (heart pipe to back of stove) 120mm
Nominal output 6 kW
Usable output 3,5 tot 7 kW 
Capacity 60-120 m3 
Coulour Dark Anthracite
Material combustion chambre Corten steel (3-8mm)
Material exterior Steel (2,5mm)
Efficiency 80,5%1) / 83,6%2) / 89,3%3)
CO Emission (13% O2) 800 mg/Nm3 (0,06 ppm) 4)
Dust emission 30 mg/Nm3 4)
Wood consumption (at norm. heat output) 1,6 kg/hour 4)
Combustion air supply Primary, Secondary et Tertiary
Clean Window System  Yes
Door seels Stainless Steel (non wearing seal)
Self-closing door Optional
Convection heat Yes, sides and backside (ca. 80%)
Radiant heat Yes, front side and upside (ca. 20%)
Standards EN13240, Din+, BlmSchV stufe 2, ECO-design (NL 2020)
External air supply Yes, (adapter kit required)
Weight 110 kg
Warranty Lifetime on steelwork
1) Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 2, so in very clean combustion
2) Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 1,  so in very clean combustion
3) Efficiency in with accordance applicable current Dutch standard EN13240
4) To standard norm BImSchV, Stufe 2

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