JAcobus and Janco de Jong

The durable and sustainable JAcobus wood stove developed by Janco de Jong (link) boasts a number of solid qualities, such as excellent combustion, very high efficiency, low emission of harmful substances and simple operation. All kinds of wood can be burned in the Jacobus wood stoves; even hardwoods like Meranti, Azobé and of course, oak! The stove meets the requirements for European standard EN13240, German standard DIN+, BImSchV, Stufe 2 and the ECOdesign standard.

JAnco Helekachel Algemeen

Janco de Jong, the developer and maker of the original JAnus wood-burning stove, has been active for over 30 years with designing and manufacturing wood stoves. The JAnus stove was designed by him in 1981. This for those days unique combustion system has now, after 28 years (!), been improved through new technology and ideas.

With the experience he gained over a long period of time and making use of new designs and materials, he has now created a wood stove that anticipates stricter regulations regarding wood stove emissions – the JAcobus.

Unique to this new JAcobus wood stove is the combustion system. Thanks to this special system, combustion is much more effective and CO (carbon monoxide) emissions and particulate matter are much lower. Formation of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) is even reduced by 400%! The combustion system of the JAcobus is so revolutionary that it has been patented.

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