Jacobus 6

JAcobus6bThe smallest Jacobus has a capacity ranging from 3.5KW to 7KW and heats spaces to approximately 120m3. The mini is particularly suited to rooms where comfort and cosiness are more important than a high heat output.


Nominal heat output 6 kW
Heat output range 3,5 tot 7 kW 
Heating capacity 60-120 m3 
Colour Dark anthracite
Material combustion chamber Corten steel (3-8mm)
Material exterior Steel (2,5mm)
Efficiency 80,5%1) / 83,6%2) / 89,3%3)

CO emission (at 13% O2)

800 mg/Nm3 (0,06 ppm) 4)

Dust emission (at 13% O2)

30 mg/Nm3 4)

Wood consumption (at nom. heat output) 

1,6 kg/hour 4)

Combustion air supply

Primary, secondary, tertiary

Clean-window system


Self-closing door 

Yes, optional

Convection heat

Yes, side en backside (ca. 80%)

radiant heat

Yes, frontside and upside (ca. 20%)


EN13240, Din+, BlmSchV stuve 2

External air supply

Yes (adapter kit required)


110 kg


Lifetime on steelwork













Click here for the dimensions of the JAcobus 6 woordstove.

1)  Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 2, so in very clean combustion

2) Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 1, so in clean combustion

3) Efficiency in accordance with applicable current Dutch standard EN13240, so welcome 'polluting' burning in the Netherlands.

4) To standard norm BImSchV, Stufe 2